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MEDFAC delivers engineering and consulting services to a variety of industries: 

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Lab & Research
  • Science & Technology
  • Corrections


ST. JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL - Memphis, TN: HVAC renovation of the Danny Thomas Pavilion, ALSAC Tower research laboratories, patient care center, imaging department, board room and auditorium, chilled water plant renovation and numerous other projects in this state of the art research hospital. $5.5 million construction cost.

VANDERBILT MEDICAL CENTER - Nashville, TN: Complete renovation of HVAC and lighting systems with DDC update throughout 1.3 million SF Medical Center North research/teaching facility. Central chilled water plant renovation design for the existing complex and Medical Arts building. 4,100 ton cooling plant. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing construction cost $2.7 million.

NORTH MISISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER - Tupelo, MS: Several air system replacements. Areas include 283 patient rooms, and support areas. Three emergency generator system installations. The construction of a freestanding residency teaching center and an outpatient rehabilitation center totaling 115,000 SF. Three new chilled water systems for Women's Hospital, Pontotoc Hospital and Surgery Center. Dozens of other projects over the past six years. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing construction cost $4.1 million.

REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER AT MEMPHIS - Memphis, TN: New central chilled water plant and boiler plant for the existing complex, including all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and demolition work. 4,400 ton cooling plant. 2,800 HP steam boiler plant. Complete conversion of constant volume air systems in Chandler, Adams and Crump buildings to VAV. Several CTs and MRI installations. Renovation of Central Sterile Processing and dozens of other projects over the past 13 years. Construction cost $7.1 million.

BAPTIST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - Memphis, TN: Renovations of Boiler plant, pulmonary function treatment area, several patient floors and design of freestanding outpatient facilities. $1.1 million construction cost.

LeBONHEUR CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER - Memphis, TN: Medical air plant, major lighting system renovation, complete renovation of several patient floors and departments including Imaging, Critical Care and Laboratory. All major air systems are being renovated and updated with current technology filtration and DDC systems. Other designs include several VAV air systems and a complete chilled water plant renovation. $3.1 million construction cost

MID-TOWN SURGERY - Memphis, TN: Complete mechanical, plumbing medical gas system for this free standing surgery center in the medical center area. $1.2 million construction costt.


FEDERAL EXPRESS OFFICE FACILITY - Memphis, TN: Total renovation design of mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems in this 550,000 SF facility previously housed the IRS regional offices. Renovated facilities will house telecommunication and television production facilities in addition to expansive offices and critical flight support activities. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing construction cost $7.0 million.
FEDERAL EXPRESS SORT FACILITY - Memphis, TN: Complete mechanical, plumbing, and control system design for 575,000 square foot SPSS package sorting facility. 4,500-ton central cooling plant with connections, which form the chilled water loop at the 1.7 million SF Memphis Super-hub. Mechanical/Plumbing construction cost $8.6 million.

FedEX Small Package Sorting Sysytem - Condenser Water Pumping System 4@100

FEDERAL EXPRESS SORT FACILITY - Newark, NJ: Mechanical and electrical design of task heating and ventilation systems for an existing 275,000 square foot distribution facility. Ventilation system design for the NOVAC sorting facility. Mechanical/Electrical construction cost $920,000

WILSON SPORTING GOODS - Humboldt, TN: Ongoing MPE design of this sprawling factory with extremely tight control requirements for temperature and humidity. Design included an all-new rubber mixing facility and integration of new chilled water plant totaling 3,000 tons. Low temperature brine system design for extruding and grinding operations totaling 340 tons. Complete R&D facility with mini-production plant. Dust collection systems and AHU filtering systems that provide clean room conditions in a production environment. Construction cost $12.3 million.  

U. S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY - SaveEnergy Program, Various Locations: Complete energy conservation analyses under Federal Energy Management Program guidelines, including computer simulation of building systems, for federal facilities. MEDFAC was ranked third in the nation in the selection process, and was awarded a blanket purchase agreement for four of the ten U. S. federal regions. Work completed has included: 1) Federal Office Building, Savannah, Georgia; 2) officers training facility, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; 3) FDA Laboratory facility, Atlanta, Georgia; 4) NASA laboratory facility, Cape Canaveral, Florida; and 5) nine federal courthouses throughout the Southeastern U.S. Total area 2.48 million SF.


FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - Milan, TN: Complete mechanical, plumbing, and electrical design for new 50,000 square foot church and multi-purpose facility. Cooling capacity 200 tons. Construction cost $3.6 million.


MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS RENOVATIONS - Memphis, TN: This is the 14th largest school system in the country. Design of new cooling, heating, lighting, electrical service/distribution, fire alarm, clock/bell, and control system for seven schools totaling 1.0 million SF. Cooling capacity totals 2,400 tons. Electrical service totals 8,000 kVA. Cumulative construction cost $12.3 million. Some schools include: Sharpe E.S., Sherwood E.S., Oakhaven E.S., Manor Lake E.S., Sherwood M.S., Oakhaven H.S., Manassas H.S. We have renovated HVAC and fire alarm at the following schools: Newberry E.S., Balmoral E.S., Rozelle E.S., Pyramid Girl's Academy, Teaching and Learning Academy. In addition, we have prepared the HVAC standard that all future school designers are required to follow.  

OTHER SCHOOL RENOVATIONS - MID SOUTH: new construction includes Obion, TN County Schools, Jackson University School and St. Mary's Catholic School in Jackson, TN; Carroll County Day School an Alternative school with CCTV and heavy security systems for educating juveniles that are incarcerated or are too unruly for normal schools; HVAC renovations include Tipton County, TN Munford M.S. and Carroll County, TN Clarksburg School. Cooling capacity 750 tons. Construction cost $2.7 million.