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MEDFAC Engineering is a fully integrated Mechanical & Electrical Consulting Engineering Company. We provide total engineering for the interior environment of commercial buildings including  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Power, Lighting, and Communication.  Engineers at MEDFAC are considered M&E engineers first and discipline specific engineers second, so as to provide the most complete, coordinated project possible. 

The most important element of any construction project is its design. Construction design quality is the single most important factor in determining a project's life-cycle cost, which includes the initial cost of construction, plus the ongoing cost for operations and maintenance.

Design is the initial step in the construction process. It dictates everything that follows. The size and layout of the facility; type of construction materials; capacity of mechanical and electrical systems; energy efficiency; and other factors are all impacted by the design of a project.

Estimated by the federal government to be 1% or less of a building cost, design services represent only a small percentage of the construction budget, and a far smaller percentage of life cycle cost. It makes sound economic sense to ensure your consulting engineer has the experience and qualifications needed to deliver a high-quality design.